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Professional women are expected to juggle all the things-running everyone's lives as a partner, caregiver to our kids and aging parents (and don't forget the furbabies!), AND build a successful career. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, it is! 

As a Coach, I help high achievers just like you figure out how to beat burnout, manage time and energy, increase peace and joy, get clarity on your purpose and align with your values, and lose the overwhelm, so you can achieve greater success in all areas of your life. I'll be there to guide you through, step by step.

take your life & business to the next level? 

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Show up in all areas of your life as authentically you! Connect with your purpose and who you were truly meant to be, and live in alignment with your values. 

Recover from chronic burnout and stop the cycle! Prioritize self-care and fill your cup first, so that you are giving yourself and the people you love the best of you.

Retrain your brain to focus on abundance! A growth mindset focuses on progress and stops the cycles of procrastination, perfectionism, and people pleasing.

Learn how to focus on what's important, manage your schedule and energy so you can get more done in less time (yes, it's really possible!)

Increase your self-confidence and belief in your ability to reach your goals, while losing that pesky negative self-talk that's holding you back. 

Set and enforce healthy boundaries without the guilt so you can get the respect you and your business deserve, and be fully present and in the moment.

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Whether you are looking for just one or a few coaching sessions or you want longer-term support in reaching your goals, I have options for you. Click the links below to learn more, or to schedule a free 30 minute call with me to Explore your options in working together. I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your success story!

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$295 /60 min -OR- 3/$800

a strategy-focused Empower hour

Deep Dive Intensive

This Empower session is a deep-dive into coaching and implementation that will set you up for success in reaching your personal & professional goals. You may choose to focus on any topic for one hour, or book a series of 3 one hour coaching sessions to tackle a single topic, or choose to have a different focus for each session. Here are some examples:

• Energy management and how to get more done in less time.
• Organizing your thoughts and breaking down your goals.
• How to set boundaries and communicating them properly.

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24 hours of private one-to-one coaching sessions focused on any topics of your choice including customized implementation strategies to continue our work between sessions, PLUS these incredible bonuses FREE to support you;

• 2 hours of extra BONUS on-boarding session time
• An empowering guided hypnotherapy download
• A journal for you to keep track of your progress
• A signed copy of my latest best-selling book 

$4995 -OR- $895 / 6 mo / 24 calls

a 6-mo program to level up 

Ongoing Biz/Life Coaching

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Teffani Dupont-anderson - Bellissima sanctuary

I have worked with Jodie in many capacities, as a business coach, a hypnotherapist and I'm a member of the Clarity Collective membership. Jodie has given me the tools through business productivity coaching, hypnotherapy and guided meditation to recognize, confront and heal my emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. She taught me to recognize when I need to unplug and how to reinforce my boundaries, how to release the frustration and overwhelm to walk in Confidence and Authenticity while working to achieve my Dreams to realize my God Given Vision. 

Jodie is the best coach!

Debbie parke - debbie's delights

Before I did Hypnotherapy and the Emotional Empowerment Project with Jodie, my mind was busy, I couldn't stay focused, boundaries were limited, and I had no self esteem or self confidence. I slept well, but I had a problem calming my mind down before I went to bed as I had no idea about meditation, which I have now learned so much about in Jodie’s Clarity Collective program. Now I am more calm, I am happy with who I am, and I have self esteem and confidence. I have learned to pay attention to what I think about, and I don't allow my past to hold me back from my future. It has truly changed my life and I highly recommend working with Jodie!

The best decision I ever made...

Frequently Asked Questions

My coaching calls are typically 60 minutes on average. However, depending on the client's needs and availability, we may choose to book a 90 or even 120 minute session. Length of calls and time between sessions varies based on the individual.

how long are your coaching calls?

I take a very heart and client-centered approach to coaching. What this means is that working with me is a judgement free zone, and that I leave my own agenda at the door. Our sessions will be all about what you need and is best for you in your life.


There are many elements beyond hours spent in session, and many of those may have already been provided to you, so there are no refunds. But if you choose to discontinue the program, please notify me in writing with 7 days notice, and all future  involvement in the program and payments will be cancelled. 


Absolutely. You will see examples of payment plans listed here, but please reach out if you need to customize your plan to fit your needs. I have clients that choose to pay monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly depending on their circumstances.



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