I started my first business as an image consultant, when I was in graduate school studying Clinical Psychology over 20 years ago. My goal was to pay off my 6 figures in student loan debt-which I did! A few years later, that business evolved into leadership development, coaching as well as consulting female entrepreneurs, and since then I have built 6 and 7 figure businesses from the ground up! My unique background working therapeutically with kids and teens, doing parenting coaching and counseling for cancer survivors and working with people with addiction, in tandem with being an entrepreneur myself, has given me a lot of experience I can share with my clients to help them be successful in all areas of their lives!

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As professional women, we are definitely multi-faceted. We play many roles and are constantly tasked with trying to balance ALL the things! That can mean a lot of outer (and inner) expectations and pressures, which often lead to burnout.

That's why I focus my work on helping you to create better work-life harmony. Sounds so much nicer and less stressful than trying to work hard keeping everything balanced all the time, right?! You truly can create the life you want and love, and have all the different pieces flow together in a way that brings you peace and joy-just like your own personal favorite song. Together, we will work to make your dream life vision a reality!

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• New Orleans is my happy place! For over a decade now my husband and I have traveled there 1-2 times a year. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

• I am a Basset Hound mama. ♥ And while I don't have human children myself, I love working with kids and being Auntie Jodie.

• I am a military wife! My husband is a retired US Navy Veteran so we have spent many years long-distance.

Fun Facts About Me!

Ever since I was young, I have known that my purpose was in helping people. I naturally attracted others to me who needed someone to listen without judgement, and they would share their deepest thoughts and feelings with me-sometimes in very public places! That's why studying Social and then Clinical Psychology was a natural fit. Becoming a therapist and helping my clients improve their lives was my calling.

Then when I became an entrepreneur, wife and caregiver myself, I realized the unique challenges that women face trying to reach their goals and pursue their dreams. I also LOVED networking and working with other professional women! So when the opportunity arose to become a business coach, I jumped at it. Now I have combined my two worlds through Psyched Up Success, where I work virtually as a coach, and also practice as a licensed and certified Master Hypnotherapist.

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