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I'm a Certified Business & Transpersonal Wellness Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, international best-selling author, and transformational speaker.

I'll teach you how to shift your mindset and empower yourself to uplevel your career, relationships, and finances so you can start living and loving the life of your dreams!

I have helped thousands of women just like you in my 20+ years as a therapist, coach and entrepreneur building 6 & 7 figure businesses.

I help professional women find ultimate clarity and uplevel their mindset.

Hi, I'm Jodie!

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I have worked with Jodie in many capacities, as a business coach, a hypnotherapist and I'm a member of the Clarity Collective membership. Jodie has given me the tools through business productivity coaching, hypnotherapy and guided meditation to recognize, confront and heal my emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. She taught me to recognize when I need to unplug and how to reinforce my boundaries, how to release the frustration and overwhelm to walk in Confidence and Authenticity while working to achieve my Dreams to realize my God Given Vision. 

Jodie is the best coach!

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Before I did Hypnotherapy and the Emotional Empowerment Project with Jodie, my mind was busy, I couldn't stay focused, boundaries were limited, and I had no self esteem or self confidence. I slept well, but I had a problem calming my mind down before I went to bed as I had no idea about meditation, which I have now learned so much about in Jodie’s Clarity Collective program. Now I am more calm, I am happy with who I am, and I have self esteem and confidence. I have learned to pay attention to what I think about, and I don't allow my past to hold me back from my future. It has truly changed my life and I highly recommend working with Jodie!

The best decision I ever made...